When To Replace Your Water Heater

When is it a good time to replace your hot water heater?

A broken water heater means no more steaming showers or hot water for dishwashing. Fortunately, there are often warning signs that something is amiss. If you pay attention, you can often replace the appliance before it stops working altogether.

Visible Indicators
It is important to look over the heater every month or so for signs of wear. Watch for the following issues:

  1. Leaks
  2. Corrosion
  3. Rust  

Check for water around the base of the heater. Anything from damp flooring to obvious standing water is cause for concern. When looking for rust and corrosion, pay close attention to valves and connections. Rust can also form inside the appliance. Although you will be unable to see the rust itself, you may notice discolored water coming from your faucets.

Non-Visible Indicators
As well as what you see, you may be able to feel or hear indications that your heater needs professional plumbing assistance. In some cases, the water coming from your faucets is not as hot as it used to be or may not be warm at all. In other instances, you may notice strange noises coming from the water heater. These noises are sometimes described as rumbling, banging or popping.

Maintenance Tips
In addition to keeping an eye out for potential problems, regular maintenance can keep your heater working properly for as long as possible. There is usually a temperature and pressure relief valve located on the exterior of the heater. Test the valve at least twice a year to make sure it opens when necessary. Additionally, regularly drain any built-up sediment from the bottom of the tank.

The water heater in your Oak Park, IL, home or business is a key appliance that keeps life running smoothly. Performing routine maintenance can extend the life of the appliance, while remaining vigilant for signs of trouble helps you know when it may be time to replace the unit.


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