Plumbing Maintenance: Don’t Forget the Supply Lines

Supply Line Maintenance Is Crucial

When you turn the water on in your Wheaton, IL, you expect it to flow as it should. Since it usually does, it can make it easy to forget that there is a complex system ensuring that happens. Key components of that system are the supply lines. Along with have an annual system inspection by a certified plumbing provider, general maintenance goes a long way in keeping the water flowing right.

Signs of Trouble
As with any system, the various components are susceptible to aging and damage. Oftentimes, it starts as an unnoticed slow leak that leads to a much bigger problem. The initial signs of an issue include:

  • High water bills
  • Puddles in the yard
  • Low water pressure
  • Water has a bad or rusty odor
  • Dirty, Rusty, or Bad-Smelling Water
  • Wet areas on ceilings, floors or walls
  • Water running can be heard

If any of these are on your radar, it may be time for a little maintenance.

Preventive Measures
If you have had a professional inspection, you have a better understanding of the potential risks your particular plumbing system has. In many cases, it may mean changing some habits to ensure everything works smoothly. In other situations, it may require a bit of an investment.

If dealing with hard water, consider installing a soft water system. Hard water means minerals are building up in your pipes. That increases the chances of clogs and a pipe burst, which can be a costly restoration project.

When faced with clogs, reconsider reaching for unclogging products with harsh chemicals. They can do more harm than good and often don’t solve the problem. Using a snake or bio-friendly product is a better solution.

Add insulation to pipes to maintain a proper temperature to keep them from freezing.

Lowering the pressure is another way to minimize strain on the system.

Having a home means planning for maintenance. Although it may be easy to forget, keeping plumbing on the maintenance list makes it easier to avoid problems down the road.


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