Necessary Actions for Handling Burst Pipes Over Wood Floors

The moment you suffer a pipe burst over a wood floor, time begins ticking away. The longer it takes to manage the situation, the worse the boards will crack and bow. If this happens in your office, make cleaning up the first priority.

After Leak Actions

Before repairs in Chicago, IL can take place, your wet floor must be dried. Take the following steps to reduce damage and prepare for what comes next:

1. Turn off your water main. This is fundamental to preventing further water accumulation.
2. Let warm air in. Aeration will help naturally evaporate any wetness.
3. Mop up as much water as possible. It’s essential you reduce any chance of mold developing.
4. Document everything. This will make contacting insurance regarding your pipe burst a far smoother experience.

Once the fallout has been brought under control, you may now focus your attention on the ground.

Floor Treatment Actions

Remove any soaked items from the area and then use a wet vacuum to suck up any standing liquid that mopping was unable to fully eliminate. Next, spread a non-sudsy disinfectant over your wood floor. Once that is done, run the vacuum a second time. Continue the drying process by deploying as many humidifiers and fans as necessary. Depending on the severity of your situation, the entire drying stage can take anywhere between one day to several weeks.

In cases where you detect signs of mold, scrub the floor with baking soda and water. If done easily, remove clearly infected boards. Before repairs can begin, your moisture level should be no higher than 9%, so use a moisture meter to check your status. It’s critical you do this before contacting a renovation professional to install fresh hardwood.

Any pipe burst is disruptive, but it’s especially concerning when it happens over wood flooring. Still, damage can be lessened through proactive measures, so move quickly to lessen the odds of needing serious fixes.


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