Could a High Water Bill Signal a Hidden Leak in Your Home?

Are there hidden leaks in your home? What are the signs?

While many water leaks are easy to spot in your home in your Glendale Heights, IL home, not all are obvious. If your water bill has increased substantially in the last month without any outside circumstances, such as running sprinklers, you may have a hidden leak somewhere on your property. Not only will a hidden leak increase your utility bill, it can cause serious long-term damage to the structure of your home.

How To Spot a Hidden Water Leak Inside
Many hidden leaks will leave telltale signs if you know what to look for. A higher water bill is only one indication of a potential leak. Other signs of a leak include:

  • Musty smell – The first sign of a hidden leak is often an unpleasant smell. Check under basins and at the back of cabinets for mold or mildew.
  • Discoloration or rust – Inspect the connections to appliances, such as washing machine hoses and water heaters, for rust.
  • Faucet drip – Frequently check all water faucets to ensure they are tightened. Even a slow drip can increase usage.
  • Toilet leak – Toilets can leak without showing outward signs. To test for a leak, put a couple of drops of food coloring into the toilet tank. After 10 minutes, if the dye appears in the toilet bowl without flushing, you have a leak that allows water to flow out of the tank and into the drain. It's a good idea to call a water remediation service before the leak causes further water waste.

What To Look For Outside
Leaks can also happen outside the house. Check garden hose spigots and tighten if necessary. If you have an underground sprinkling system, check the sprinkler heads periodically. Consider having a professional inspect the system annually as well.

A small leak can cause your water bill to skyrocket. Even more concerning is the potential damage to your home. Watching for signs of hidden water leaks can greatly reduce your risk.


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