5 Things To Never Put Down Your Kitchen Sink

It can be tempting to wash everything down the garbage disposal while cleaning up after a meal.

After all, who wants stinky trash sitting in the kitchen? Some materials can cause severe damage to your sink and drain system, though. In the end, clogged pipes could be the least of your worries.

Prevent problems by never allowing these substances to go down your drain:

1. Grease
     Grease is one of the worst things you can wash down your sink. It doesn’t take long to cool off, and as soon as it cools, it.      solidifies. This result is a sticky mess that can trap other things on their way down. Not only will grease cause a stubborn.      blockage, but it can destroy septic tanks and sewer systems. After the grease cools, place it in the trash via a jar or paper.      towel. Putting it down your pipes could require professional plumbing services to unclog or repair the line.
2. Fibrous Vegetables
     Any fibrous substance should stay out of the drain. If you put veggies such as celery or rhubarb down the drain, the long.      strands of strings can get tangled and caught in the drain. Similarly, when you’re making a jack-o’-lantern or pumpkin pie,      place all the pumpkin “guts” in the trash.
3. Bones
     Bones are rigid, and even the best garbage disposal can’t grind anything that tough. A tiny chicken bone or fishbone.      accidentally dropped down the drain should be fine, but keep it to a minimum.
4. Coffee Grounds
     Many people believe that pouring coffee grounds down the drain will reduce odors. This works in the short term for smells.      but can damage your drain. Used coffee grounds develop into a wet, thick, dense substance that won’t do good things for.      your plumbing.
5. Harsh Chemicals
     Harsh drain cleaners should only be used as a last resort for a stubborn clog, as they can corrode drain pipes. First try.      less-risky unclogging methods, like a drain snake or a baking soda and vinegar mixture.

Even a deluge of water won’t wash all materials down your garbage disposal. If you’re unsure about a particular substance, put it in the trash to avoid damaging your plumbing.


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