4 Tips to Avoid Frozen Pipes

How To Avoid Frozen Pipes

Homeowners here in Lombard, IL know that the temperatures will dip. When wintry weather happens, the last thing you want is frozen pipes that result in needing emergency service for repairs and damage cleanup. Instead of frantically dealing with a mess and finding a certified plumbing provider, taking preventive measures can minimize that from happening. Below are four tips to keep your pipes in proper working order regardless of the temperature.

1. Keep Things Warm
Whether taking a long business trip, visiting family for the holidays or taking a winter vacation, being away from home means exposing your home to frigid weather. To avoid a burst pipe, keeping the thermostat set above 50 degrees helps prevent any water in the pipes from freezing.

2. Let the Faucet Drip
A plumbing system inherently has pressure within it. When freezing temperatures arrive, frozen pipes lead to that pressure building up. An easy way to avoid that, especially if you plan on being away from home, is to let a faucet drip. Allowing it to slowly drip relieves the pressure buildup.

3. Ensure Proper Seals
Like with any system, there are numerous components that only work right if the surrounding area is up to part. The many pipes in your home are run through floors and walls, which creates an opportunity for cold air to sneak in. Sealing any gaps and holes minimizes the chance for outdoor air to get in.

4. Add Insulation
Every home has a lot of pipes running throughout it. Oftentimes, that includes areas that may not be insulated as well as they should be, such as a basement or attic. Other areas may also lack the needed insulation, such as a mudroom off a garage. There are foam rubber or fiberglass sleeves available that can be installed to minimize the potential for freezing. If you run into hard-to-reach piping, it may be best to call a plumber.

On cold, blustery days, staying warm is essential for both people and to avoid frozen pipes.


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